Zoe Zobrist delves into the love she feels for her unborn child on "Oh Baby" [Video]

Singer-songwriter Zoe Zobrist delivers a heartfelt message for her unborn child on emotive track “Oh Baby,” an acoustic guitar-led offering led by her clear yet wispy vocals. Currently pregnant with her first child, Zobrist pens the uplifting track as a letter to the little human growing inside her, exploring the burst of love and affection she feels for her future child.

A relatable offering rooted in raw lyricism and lulling instrumentals, “Oh Baby,” tugs at our heartstrings with its honest reflections of motherhood, as Zobrist weaves together hopes and dreams for the child she has yet to meet, but already loves with her whole being. Gentle but brave, the rising musician takes us along on the journey towards a new, fulfilling chapter of her life.

Having built a fanbase since her debut in 2018, with her ability to deliver personal stories framed by delicate musicality, Zoe Zobrist continues to tap into a heart-wrenchingly intimate artistry, with a glimpse of joy and love on her latest foray.

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