Zxena drops spicy pop number “Hot Spice”

Promising Californian singer-songwriter Zxena drops rich electro-tinged pop track “Hot Spice,” an anthemic fusion of earworm instrumentation and husky vocals, punctuated by hazy yet crisp beats. Highlighting her dynamic voice which soars to high notes effortlessly yet remains bold, the track is uber sultry and anthemic.

Opening with sensual and sharp rap verses, “Hot Spice” builds up with a catchy chorus backdropped by a vibrant production in a truly spicy encapsulation of this rising act’s signature of sexuality, self-confidence and empowerment. A perfect anthem for the last dredges of summer we’re transported into a warm and sunny sonic world with the vivid pictures that her songwriting and delivery paints.

 Thalia Rodriguez discovered her love for singing aged 12 and honed her vocal skills over a decade to carve her niche in pop music. With a slate of releases holding her strong this year, Rodriguez as Zxena has built herself up as a force to be reckoned with. Currently working on an EP set to balance upliftment and vulnerability within its velvety melodies and personable lyrics, this emerging act will surely have you reaching for the replay button.

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