Actress, A. G. Cook, Nídia, Danny L Harle Remixing Perfume Genius’ Album ‘Set My Heart On Fire Immediately’

Perfume Genius, real name Mike Hadreas has unveiled the remix album to his outstanding 2020 album Set My Heart On Fire Immediately. He and the label got some outstanding artists to remix the album including Actress, A. G. Cook, Danny L Harle, Nídia, Westerman and Jim-E Stack.

Now titled the IMMEDIATELY Remixes album, the LP will be released on February 19.

"I'm very honored to have all these incredible musicians rework these songs,” says Perfume Genius in a statement. “I felt personally remixed listening to their versions, hearing the spirit of my song completely transformed was very magical. Each one feels like a little portal to a fucked up shared world."

In addition to the remixes, Hadreas has released a new video for the Boy Harsher remix of “Your Body Changes Everything,” which stars model Teddy Quinlivan and Brandon Gray. It was directed by one half of Boy Harsher, Jae Matthews, and Caitlin Driscoll.

The Intial Talk & Jim-E Stack remixes have already been released. Pre-order the remix album here via Matador Records.

IMMEDIATELY Remixes Tracklist:

1. Whole Life (Jaakko Eino Kalevi Remix)
2. Describe (A. G. Cook Remix)
3. Without You (Jim-E Stack Remix)
4. Jason (Planningtorock ‘Jason there’s no rush’ Remix)
5. Leave (Jenny Hval Remix)
6. On the Floor (Initial Talk Remix)
7. Your Body Changes Everything (Boy Harsher Remix)
8. Moonbend (Nídia Remix)
9. Just A Touch (Danny L Harle Remix)
10. Nothing At All (Westerman Rework)
11. One More Try (Actress Remix)
12. Some Dream (Koreless Remix)
13. Borrowed Light (Katie Dey Remix)