Adult Swim, Ghostly, Hyperdub Curate Stimulus Swim Mixtapes To Benefit Artists Impacted By COVID-19

Adult Swim, Ghostly and Hyperdub have come together to release three new compilations that will benefit the artists. The initiative was designed to help raise money for the artists on these mixtapes to help offset the financial loss from COVID-19. The curators worked to include musicians that would have been touring during this time, whose income has therefore been negatively impacted by the pandemic.

The first mixtape out today is Friends of Adult Swim, which includes music taken from over 800 submissions sent in response to an open call on social media, in addition to contributions from some longtime collaborators of the program.

Friends of Adult Swim is out today, the Hyperdub curated mixtape will arrive tomorrow, June 10 and the Ghostly-curated mixtape will arrive on June 11.

Adult Swim Stimulus Swim

Adult Swim

Stimulus Swim is a digital-only, streaming-only compilation. Get it here. See the tracklists below.

Stimulus Swim – Friends of Adult Swim

1. Moths – Adhara & Ray
2. Nice Apple – Are You Still There?
3. Unwed Sailor – Look Alive
4. The Vernes – Bad Planet
5. Genesis Renji – Let's Be Honest
6. 100 Keigh – Searching for Alllgorithms
7. Youth Team – Observation of a Sunset from Creag Choinnich
8. Faten Kanaan – Foxes
9. Sarah Louise – Your Dreams
10. Lady Moon & The Eclipse – Le Petit Prince
11. Derek Dominique – Take A Break For Yourself
12. Eliot Bronson – Mountain In My Mind
13. Adult Mom – Dugout
14. Chester Raj Anand – Impressions
15. Tina Pearson – Dawn In Glass
16. The Introvert – The Introvert
17. The Callous Daoboys – Blackberry Delorean
18. Slow Fire Pistol – Heart of Discernment

Stimulus Swim – Hyperdub

1. Silvia Kastel – Ormai
2. Jessy Lanza – Bardeaux
3. Lawrence Lek – One Nation
4. 700 Bliss – Sixteen
5. Lady Lykez ft. Logan Olm, Dizzle Kid, Jammz & Scratcha DVA – Jackie Chan
6. DJ Tre – Concept Track
7. Loraine James – Microdancing or Something
8. Klein – Arese

Ghostly Stimulus Swim


Stimulus Swim – Ghostly International

1. Shigeto – What We Need (Right Now)
2. Brijean – Fortune Teller
3. DRAMA – 7:04 AM
4. HTRK – New Year's Eve
5. Galcher Lustwerk – I Had To Slow It Down
6. Kllo – Still Here
7. Recondite – Equal
8. Fort Romeau – PSO
9. Khotin – My Toan
10. The Sight Below – Lockdown Zoom Rave
11. Telefon Tel Aviv – still as stone in a watery fane
12. Steve Hauschildt – A Planet Left Behind