Album Review: DJ Python – Mas Amable

DJ Python’s music is a bit of mystery. He is adept at making things work musically when they shouldn’t. He finds a way to combine dembow beats with ambient and downtempo electronica with disparate 90’s and 2000’s dance sounds. Like a family of many different backgrounds that comes together every year for the holidays, it can feel imperfect and wonky at times, but in the end it works. He continues that in new ways with his new album out today Mas Amable.

The first thing to know is that this album is shaped like a mix. Each song leads into the next without any interruption. However, unlike some mix compilations where the songs bleed into each other to create awkward endings & openings if listened to individually, each song sounds good on it own. However, it was designed to be listened to all the way through in one sitting.

The album opens with a long period of ambient pads with crinkling noise in the background that sounds like it could be a fire burning. The song has warmth to it, so the fuzzy background noise helps to subconsciously make you feel a little cozier. If you doubt this even further, Incienso released a visualizer with a continuous mix of the album on YouTube, which features a fireplace.

The same elements lead into the second track “Pia” as drums and fluttering synths gradually take hold of the track and, in turn, the album.

That blend of fun, upbeat and danceable dembow drums and light ambiance is felt throughout Mas Amable.

The album rarely deviates from this formula. This is how it draws you into its hypnotic gaze like sitting around a drum circle with swirling ambient noise around you. However on the nearly 12 minute “ADMSDP,” he slows things down and LA Warman adds their almost ASMR-esque whispering about mental health, sex and more. As the song eventually crawls to a close, there are hints at the next track as a deeper sub starts to knock through the mix.

That knocking continues into the final track “mmmm” that is as delicious as those four m’s with a groovy bassline and some detuned synths on top before the soft ambiance leads out the other side of Mas Amable.

Stream Mas Amable below and get the record on Boomkat or Bandcamp.