Album Review: Jadu Heart – Hyper Romance

Bristol-based duo Jadu Heart has released their new album Hyper Romance. The LP was written and recorded in a Bristol basement studio over the course of nine months using grimey foot pedals and amplifiers. Like many albums before it and many that will come after it, Hyper Romance follows the highs and lows of being in love and in a relationship.

"It's about the intense highs and lows of being in love, and is pretty much a soundtrack to the light and dark sides of your relationship,” explain the duo.

Fans have been able to chart the progress of the album over the past year with six singles emerging from the record, but now they are all fit together to tell the complete story of despair, self-loathing, love and acceptance.

Alex Headford and Diva Jeffrey chart that course over the 11 songs with tracks like “Woman” with its subtle bluesy influence or the uptempo rock on “Dead Again,” which shows the anguish and turmoil within a heartbroken person. “Day By Day” finds them starting to get on with life again, day by day, as best as all can emerging from despair in the darkness of love.

There is an aha moment on “Suddenly I Know Who You Are” that it is truly time to move on and move forward with a searing guitar adding emphasis.

They eventually find some sunlight towards the end as the album gently ends with the slow burning and late night “Burning Hour,” and the mellow finales “Hyper Romance” and “Pink & Blue.”

All of these themes work together with their indie rock that pulls in electronic, psychedelic and lo-fi influences for a smooth feel from start to finish.

The band have some tour dates for next year, but we will see if they can pull those off and the venues stay open until then. We sure as hell hope so. Get details on their website.

Stream the album below and get your copy here.