Ambient Meditations Season 2 – Vol 38 – STUFF

Ambient Meditations Season 2 – Vol 38 – STUFF

For the 38th episode of the Ambient Meditations Podcast, we are joined by Belgian quintet STUFF to celebrate their upcoming album T(h)reats coming out on May 7th on Sbdan Ultra. The mix is a nice blend of bliss and quirky beats with tracks from the band themselves and some legends like Four Tet and DNTEL. This is the perfect mix to remind you that spring is around the corner and hopefully, a summer that is less lockdown and more get down, even just a dabble of normalcy, would be good. If you are into Forest Bathing, this also an excellent mix for that kind of thing. So make something sparkly and effervescent to drink, maybe a Champagne Cocktail. 

Ambient Meditations Mix by STUFF Tracklist

  1. Satochi & Makoto – Closer
  2. Takashi Kokubo – イオンの森 (Oasis of the Wind)
  3. Iglooghost – Eœ (Disk•Initiate)
  4. Hullabalo0 x Detox Unit – Whatchu Need (Iyakuh & Pathwey Remix)
  5. Four Tet – Parallel 1
  6. Visible Cloaks – Wheel
  7. Solange – Jerrod (Lil Data TidalCycles live coding edit) (youtube rip)
  8. Amon Tobin – On a Hilltop Sat the Moon
  9. STUFF. – unreleased ambient jam
  10. The Tin Box – FoxDot melodic ambient improvisations (youtube rip)
  11. Alice Coltrane – Er Ra
  12. Sequentia – Hildegard von Bingen – O vis aeternitatis (Responsorium)
  13. Jon Hassell – Ravinia _ Vancouver
  14. Dries Laheye – live at ORBIT (Facebook rip)
  15. Adriaan de Roover – Arthropoda
  16. Vashti Bunyan – Window over the Bay
  17. DNTEL – The Seas Trees See
  18. LOVING – Growing Flowers By Candlelight
  19. Face To Face – Carl Gustav Jung 1959 interview (excerpt) / Jyoti – Bemoanable Lady Geemix (intro)
  20. STUFF. – OB499 (unreleased)
  21. Brian Eno – Reflection 1

"Closer to the Oasis of the Wind, the Disk Intitiate's know Watchu Need: Parallel Wheels when Jerrod said on a Hilltop sat the Moon! Oh Er Ra, O vis aeternitatis! In Vancouver the Arthropoda saw through a Window over the Bay, as if the Sea's Trees See the Growing Flowers by Candlelight, while Carl Gustav Jung saw the Bemoanable Lady's Reflection all along…!" – Stuff

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More on STUFF.

STUFF. are set to release new studio album T(h)reats on May 7th via Belgian tastemaker record label Sdban Ultra. Known for their rhythmic sensibility and curious melody, the quintet weave together a futuristic soundsphere where electronic wind instruments, drums, electric bass, synthesizers and turntables combine with Pollock-like abandon, creating a style that while heavy on groove has enormous depth and intrigue.

The band's third studio album, T(h)reats, takes inspiration from a series of explosive live shows in 2019 and is a reaction to the current situation we find ourselves in; art and music can be a treat in these strange and uncertain times. 

"After hours of talking, philosophizing and fantasizing about what the new approach of the record could be, nothing concrete came up. Then we just started making music to see where we'd end up like we've always done. As a result, in this day and age, with this group of people … this is what happened," says the band.

STUFF. released their debut EP in 2012 and in 2014, they were invited to perform a Boiler Room session the first European live band to do so. Releasing their self-titled debut album in 2015 to critical acclaim, a sold out tour across Europe gained them further recognition and saw endorsements from BBC radio DJs Gilles Peterson and Phil Taggart. The follow-up album old dreams new planets released in 2017 topped the charts in Belgium.

Ahead of the album release, STUFF. are pleased to share the video for new single "Honu," taken from T(h)reats. Released February 5th, the video was inspired by the Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle. By combining 70-ish graphics with this wondrous creature, the visuals take you on an exciting and nostalgic, mind and ear pleasing trip. "Honu" is an elegant visual in retro futuristic style, subjecting precise compositions to a warm, fuzzy feeling. Directed by Frederik Jassogne, the video is based on Guy Vandenbranden's, "Composition" (1967) artwork.

STUFF. have performed sold out shows across Europe and have gained a growing reputation for their explosive eclectic live sets, playing over 150 shows on such diverse stages as the North Sea Jazz Festival (Netherlands), Pukkelpop (Belgium), Secret Garden Party (UK), Shambala festival (UK), Dimensions (Croatia) and Fusion (Germany). The band were also personally invited by Gilles Peterson to perform at On Blackheath, London in 2015. In 2017, in support of old dreams new planets, STUFF. performed live sessions on Worldwide FM and Red Bull Radio.

STUFF. is Lander Gyselinck (drums), Andrew Claes (ewi/sax), Joris Caluwaerts (keyboards), Dries Laheye (bass) and Mixmonster Menno (turntables).

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Track listing:

  1. 'Cigogne'
  2. 'Waksi'
  3. 'Honu'
  4. 'Cumulus'
  5. 'Finding Mu'
  6. 'OB499'
  7. 'Kwibus'
  8. 'Loomy'