Ambient Meditations Vol 14 brings a stunning chillout mix from OM Record’s Shiny Objects

Ambient Meditations Vol. 14 – Shiny Objects (OM Records)

AM's 14th episode welcomes Shiny Objects, aka Christopher J. Smith, the founder of legendary San Francisco label OM Records. Smith has been in the downtempo hustle from day one and has dropped a brand new album under his newish alias Shiny Objects entitled Ambient Downtempo Works which comes out today (August 21, 2020). The album is reminiscent of classic downtempo sounds but brings a contemporary take that feels essential in these trying times. So grab something cold to drink, find a quiet place to recline and take a lush downtempo journey with Shiny Objects.

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1) Trippin Jaguar "Lost"

2) Shiny Objects "Dark Oceans"

3) Mujia & Tajo, Charlie M. "Candela"

4) DJ Rocca, Afterlife, Steve Miller "Si Si Si" DJ Rocca Dark Ar Mix)

5) Tim Hecker "Analog Paralysis 1978"

6) Trippin Jaguar "Fou feat. Shakuar"

7) Leonidas + Kay Suzuki "Interstellar Meditation"

8) Wurm "Degrees of Seperation"

9) Uj Pa Gas "Mallorca"

10) Kincaid "Isolate"

11) Oliver Koletzki "Byron Bay"

12) Alicudi "Foen"

13) Tommy Guerrero "Battles of the Forgotten" (Margee Rework)

14) Trippin Jaguar "Passage"

15) Odaglad "Let it Rock"

16) Klangkarussell, Kyle Pearce "My World" (TFO Radio Remix)

17) Jon Gurd "Star"

18) Shiny Objects "Beach of Ghosts"

19) Electronic System "Skylab"

Screen Shot 2020-08-21 at 7.57.31 AM


1. Last Call

2. Another Day at The Zoo

3. Dark Oceans

4. Under The Sun

5. Beach of Ghosts

6. Awaken

7. The Light That Shines

8. The Upswing

9. Farewell to the Gov'nor

10. Just Below the Surface

11. A Light at the End

The new album' Ambient Downtempo Works' from Om Records founder Christopher J. Smith AKA Shiny Objects is a pause that refreshes, a calm after the storm (so to speak) in a time when we all need it. Slow dreamscapes unfold to find eleven songs that are simply soothing and lovely. Designed to be listened to from start to finish as an all-encompassing experience, 'Ambient Downtempo Works' joins the ranks of classic Om releases like Om Lounge and Mushroom Jazz. Put it on with headphones and enjoy the break from the madness.