Ambient Meditations Vol 21 – Anane

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Ambient Meditations Vol 21 – Anané 

Episode 21 features Anané, a vocalist, producer, DJ, and record label owner focused on bringing the beautiful sounds of her native Cape Verde and beyond to music fans looking for global influences and afro house. With a new release, Chapters of Becoming… Anané showcasing highlights of her career so far, we have received a mix for episode 21 that showcases the quieter side of her influences, music for sunsets, and late summer nights under the stars. Music inspired from every corner of the globe, blending into a subtle groove perfect for savoring the lasts bits of warm weather as we head into fall. Welcome to Anané's world.

Ambient Meditations Vol 21 Track List

1. Elyodire – Osunlade
2. Four Women – Letrachia
3. Reality & Fantasy – Raphael Gualozzi (Giles Peterson Remix)
4. Love Is In Town – Brenda Boykin
5. Organ Walk – Bad Jazz Troupe
6. Nica's Dream – Anane (unreleased) EOL
7. A Luz De Yayal – Coladera
8. Esperanza Di Mar Azul – Cesaria Ever
9. Joia – Boy Ge Mendes
10. Quera Saldo – Yuri Da Cunha
11. So Um Cartinha – Lura
12 Beijo Di Longe – Boy Ge Mendes
13. You Came Into My Life – Anane – Chapters Of Becoming Anane

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"Chapters Of Becoming..." Anané (Final Cover Art Digital)

Chapters of Becoming Anane

More About Anané

"Chapters of becoming…" Anané

Billboard magazine describes her as "combining earthiness with glamour and roots – deep afro-house music knowledge with pop wise diversity, Anané, Cape Verdean born dj / singer / songwriter, a blessed chameleon, has accomplished a great number of milestones, which includes singing the opening song "One Dream" at Super Bowl XLI with Louie Vega & their group Elements Of Life, special invited dj at Obama's Ambassadors Inugaural Ball in Washington, her dj residency with her night "The Ritual" at Heart in Ibiza, her Nulu Movement residency at LeBain NYC, a full length solo album and CEO of her own imprints Nulu & Nulu Electronic which boasts nearly 100 impressive releases and signing artists from all parts of Africa, Europe, and South America. Whether djing, recording in studios, songwriting or singing live with the Elements Of Life, Anané has utilized all of these platforms to express herself freely. 2020, 17 years later since her first studio session she has a repertoire of over 50 recordings, and has toured the world many times over. Today she has come together with Vega Records (the label of her first ever release) with her new Album project, "Chapters Of Becoming…" Anané, which transcends through her evolution of the artist and woman she is today. A 21 track collection of her hottest originals, remixes and new remixes by Manoo, Mike Dunn (also a cameo vocal), David Morales (with an Unreleased Mix), and a special Detroit re-work by "Godson" AKA Rick Wilhite.

"Chapters Of Becoming…" Anané is out now at all digital and streaming outlets, followed by a two-part release on double pack vinyl!


01. Let Me Love You (Mike Dunn BlackBall RemixX)
02. Lets Get High (Life, Love, Music) (Manoo's Touch Remix)
03. Rock The Cradle
04. Plastic People (Roots Blues Mix)
05. Walking On Thin Ice (Louie Vega, Sebastien Grand, Alex Finkin Remix)
06. Bem Ma Mi (Louie Vega Remix)
07. Sodade (Djeff – Kazukuta Remix)
08. You Came Into My Life (Ralf Gum & Raw Artistic Soul Remix)
09. Figli Delle Stelle – Featuring Alan Sorrenti (Louie Vega Extended Mix)
10. Parole (David Morales Unreleased Mix)
11. Love To Love You Baby (Louie & Anané Funky House Mix)
12. Standing In Line (Masters At Work Mix)
13. Terra Longe (Louie Vega Roots Mix)
14. Amazing Love (EOL Mix)
15. Music & Life (Louie Vega & Josh Milan Remix)
16. Lets Get High (Louie Vega Mix)
17. Let Me Love You (Masters At Work Mix)
18. One Dream (Louie Vega Big Game Mix)
19. Let Me Love You (Mike Dunn BlackBall Short Mix)
20. Lets Get High (Life, Love, Music) (Manoo's Touch Short Mix)
21. Standing In Line (Godson Edit)