Ambient Meditations Vol 4 by Meltonix

Lem Springfield aka Meltonix is our second guest in this ongoing series of ambient mixes designed for introspection, quiet walks, winding down, or meditation. Volume 4 features soothing soundscapes, hypnotizing pads and smooth bass lines for a more upbeat session.

Songwriter, producer & toured DJ, Lem Springsteen’s chillout music project of no boundaries is Meltonix (melt-on-this). Initially the intent sprung out of the love for listening to different types of downtempo music, when not working on danceable projects, from which Lem is more known. Life circumstances eventually turned that interest into a therapeutic creative expression of a moment in time. It was first captured on the release ‘St. Elsewhere’ album as more as a reflective and introspective calming agent. Now the sophomore LP “Infinite Possibilities” takes you on a more serious, yet creative journey of chill out vibes. Now the motive is creative freedom of expression.

MELTONIX DJMIX 2020 (all tracks produced or remixed by: Meltonix)

1. “Goshen”
2. “Clever Yellow”
3. “Electronic Bluez”
4. “Temporary Existence”
5. “Trouble Comes” remix by: Meltonix feat. Vanessa Daou
6. “The Awakening Track”
7. “Safe & Warm”
8. “Calm Oasis”