Amtrac Blends Indie Rock & Melodic House Music On New Album ‘Oddyssey’

Amtrac has released his new album Oddyssey. Nine years after his debut LP Came Along in 2011, Amtrac has developed with the times from disco-flecked deep house to this album that embraces a wider sonic palate. At its core, this Oddyssey is a cheery blend of indie rock and house.

There are still plenty of danceable deep house records like “Wish I Could” that provide the glue around some of the tracks with more crossover appeal. The album really shines on the blend of indie rock and dance music.

Oddyssey delivers some of the best indie dance he has done to date like “Radical” with Totally Enourmous Extinct Dinosaurs, "Between The Lines" or “So Afraid” with Alex Metric. He goes full 2000’s indie rock on “Stratego” that would feel out of place normally, but offers the contrasting sound to the straight away dance tracks. He also adds in some blissful, almost ambient tracks like “My Bad, Your Fault” to relax as the album comes to a close.

The full album is just over an hour, moving gracefully from the start to finish. There are the peak, cheery indie dance records and then more mellow, deep house tunes to provide some balance. It is fun and well made, with the pacing ebbing and flowing through the record.

Listen to Oddyssey now below and get your copy here.