Aphex Twin Has Been Uploading Tracks To His "Secret" SoundCloud Account

Aphex Twin is back, kind of, almost? Aphex Twin has uploaded a slew of new tracks to his “secret” SoundCloud account user18081971 that people first discovered in 2015.

There has been a flurry of activity over the past week, with almost one track a day appearing on SoundCloud. However, there have been other tracks released over the past year, arriving about once every two months.

The new tracks are pretty mellow and subdued. Some are beatless ambient tracks and others chilled out skittering dance tunes.

Listen to a few of them below.

In addition to new music, the profile now has a bunch of links about Coronavirus COVID-19 from people that offer mixed messages about the severity of the pandemic. There are also a bunch of tinyurl links I am afraid to click on.