BT Releasing Reactive Programmatic & Software Cipher Album On Blockchain ‘Metaversal’

BT will release his 14th album this Wednesday titled Metaversal and he is doing it a little differently from the traditional DSP rollout. This album is designed for the blockchain around a 200,000 line of code, one-of-one NFT. Metaversal is both an audio-visual playback engine and software cipher.

It is a programmatic album that follows the lunar cycle and plays back the album differently in three modes: day, night, and during the full moon. The album comes with 11 handmade 3D-printed, fine art sculptures, made from the waveforms of each song.

BT Metaversal Sculptures

BT Metaversal Sculptures

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BT Releasing Reactive Programmatic & Software Cipher Album On Blockchain 'Metaversal'

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Each sculpture contains an embedded NFC tag developed by Suku that binds the physical object to its digital equivalency living on-chain. Additionally, there are bespoke, handmade, dual vinyl box sets all hand-numbered in gold foil.

Unlocking the cipher riddles will allow fans to get 33 unique, encrypted one-of-one NFT’s.

Metaversal is being released as a tiered auction on Origin Protocol’s NFT Launchpad on September 29th, 2021 – with 11 spots to be filled – but any and all who want to participate in the solving of Metaversal, are able to do so.

Learn more about Metaversal on the website for it here.