Dark0 Releases Rave-Ready ‘ZERO2’ Mixtape Ahead Of Debut Album

London producer Dark0 has released his new mixtape ZERO2 that serves as a precursor to a debut full length coming later this year.

The nine-track project is a gripping mix of vivid, in-your face modern dance music that blends trap, swirling euro-rave synths and colorful club music. That is evident from the onset with the surging trance synths and thumping drums on “Oxygenesis.”

Not every track is so obviously in your face. There are quite a few contrasting songs with downtempo melodies and drum beats that take you deeper into the mixtape's hypnotic grip like the beautiful, orchestral arrangement “After Years.” It then jumps right back into the cheery, upbeat club music on “Hardwire” and the phone buzzing at the beginning is in the song, that isn’t you.

The tape is a mix of previously unreleased tracks, fan favorites from live sets and collaborations. Dark0 wanted to put this out for fans before the album this year.

“I wanted to make a mixtape that would be a fan service, compiling some favorite songs and collabs from the last few years, and I’ve also thrown in some extras to keep you going till the album is out,” the producer explains in a statement.

Listen to the full mixtape via YEAR0001 for a better Monday and get your copy here.