Deadmau5 & Steve Duda Revive BSOD Project With New EP ‘No Way, Get Real’

Deadmau5 & Steve Duda have revived their BSOD project for an EP out today titled No Way, Get Real. The project brings together two longtime friends and occasional collaborators on various tech and music projects for the most BSOD material they have released yet.

The duo was first formed in 2005 and they released their only song (before this EP) in 2006 titled “This Is The Hook,” which predicted the rise of cheesy, commercial dance music taking over. Like most of the songs of that era, “This Is The Hook” is very upfront with its intentions, saying in a robotic voice, “This is the hook, it's catchy, you like it.”

Now this new EP is a bit different from that parody track. It finds a nice middle ground between the hard and gritty electro tracks deadmau5 puts out and the soaring melodic records. The run times for each track are pretty tame around four minutes so there won’t be two-minute breaks, though some of them have the shimmering beauty you expect from Zimmerman. With Duda also working, there are some minor production details that sound amazing on some good speakers or headphones.

Stream the full EP below and get your copy here. They are ostensibly supposed to go on tour in 2020, but for now that isn’t happening because nobody is touring.