Decadon releases 20-track bass-rock fusion album ‘Lovely Destruction’

Las Vegas-based artist Decadon, originally from Denver, Colorado, unveils his debut full-length album “Lovely Destruction,” a deeply personal 20-track odyssey that blends his rock music roots with dubstep and melodic bass.

Known offstage as Donnie Miller, Decadon is a self-taught multi-instrumentalist whose fusion of rock’s raw energy with bass music’s pulsating rhythms has earned support from industry heavyweights like The Chainsmokers, Excision, and Diplo.

His magnum opus, ‘Lovely Destruction’ was meticulously crafted over nearly three years following the death of his father in 2020. The album, which began as a therapeutic project and a way for him to cope with his loss, reflects Decadon’s emotional journey and commitment to honoring his father’s memory through music. It opens with the ominous “Fragile State of Mind,” moves through the punk-rock, bass-infused “My Ever After,” and concludes with the healing tones of “Save Me.” His live performances are a spectacle, combining DJing with live guitar to create an electrifying experience. The significance of “Lovely Destruction” lies in its ability to convey both beauty and pain, reflecting Decadon’s resilience and creativity. Fans can expect an album where beauty and destruction intertwine, showcasing Decadon’s intricate craftsmanship and raw emotion, and highlighting the power of music to heal and connect deeply with listeners.

Reflecting on the album, Decadon shares, “This body of work is extremely important to me because it was something my father and I talked about putting together for years. I always wanted my debut album to really show both sides of the music I love. There’s beauty in destruction, even though it’s tougher to see, it’s there.” He adds, “This album started as a collection of a few songs I had written very soon after losing my father in 2020. It was my therapy, and then as the music started to flow more and build upon one another, I started seeing a body of work forming.”