DJ Manny Brings House & Footwork Together On New Album ‘Signals In My Head’ For Planet Mu

Chicago’s DJ Manny has released his new album Signals In My Head. Born in 1990 in Chicago, but raised in Robbins/Harvey, IL, Manny was first introduced to footwork as a 10-year old at a party he was too young to be at. From there, his interest only blossomed, meeting some of the greats in the city and eventually releasing his first official track in 2010, with DJ Rashad’s help. Now 11 years and three albums later, Manny has released Signals In My Head.

The project dives into a blend of what has made Chicago’s electronic music scene so vibrant. There are nods to Chicago house, club and footwork with some R&B and pop music sprinkled in. “Never Was A Hoe” sets the tone for the record that this isn’t simply built around frenetic footwork, but rather something for everyone to dance to with soft R&B cooing on top.

“Club GTA” is the most club-ready of the bunch, while the title track “Signals In My Head” combines footwork with spacey synths for one of the more melodic and interesting tracks on the LP. There are still a few traditional footwork movers like “All I Need” guided by a soulful vocal sample.

DJ Manny drops in for a new album that distills much of Chicago’s electronic music legacy into one project. House and footwork meet in a way that sounds so clean and well put together. Get your copy of Signals In My Head here via Planet Mu.