Duke Dumont Releases Debut Album ‘Duality’

Duke Dumont has released his new album Duality. 10 tracks in total, the album arrives in two distinct parts. The top half is more club-focused, but not obviously so, and the second is softer, more introspective tracks that jive with the at-home-listening we are forced to embrace.

Duke Dumont first broke through at the beginning of the 2010’s with soulful and accessible house music that wasn’t obviously commercial, but was able to crossover. He has been selective with his releases over the years with only a couple each year, but they all seem to have a big impact. Starting the 2020’s he looks to kick off a new chapter in his career with a new album Duality.

The album comes packed with features that help steer the songs. He has vocal features from the like of Zak Abel, Say Lou Lou, Roland Clark, How To Dress Well and RY X.

The top half of the album is where the upbeat tracks lie. He opens the album with breakbeats on “Therapy” to let people know this won’t just be a collection of commercial piano house records. Zak Abel helps make “The Power” soar, while Roland Clark gives “Obey” the ominous feeling of an acid-house protest song.

After the funk and summery indie electronica on “Ocean Drive,” the album eases out of house music and into the slow building “Together” with its hopeful and towering finish. “I Love You” calls back a bit to Cassius’ classic track “I Love U So” with the vocal and general pacing.

The album eventually comes to a close with the soft and tender “Let Me Go” that is also the longest track on the record.

Duality is an impressive debut for an artist who has been driven and known for singles his entire career. The collaborations make sense and help fill out the album. It is a concise and very listenable over nearly 40 minutes. Stream the full album below and get your copy here.