EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: ‘Puma Rhythm’ by Thys & Two Fingers

The song opens with an atmospheric minimal sound but hints at what's to come with as reverberating sub kick fills the low end of the sonic spectrum. The track quickly travels out of the opening sequence and catches the listener's attention with the introduction of a captivating metallic percussion line. 

The percussion's groove flirts with off-grid swing, keeping you hooked as it flutters and dances in the background of the track but remains top of mind with its crystal clear production quality. 

Speaking with Magnetic, Amon Tobin said, 

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EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: 'Puma Rhythm' by Thys & Two Fingers

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"Thys and I both share a stubborn love for electro, as in Detroit circa 1980's, and take any opportunity to have it come out. When Thys came to my studio in LA for this particular session, we were very much in this mood so we happily let our inner electro come out in 'Puma'."

Their 80's Detroit inspiration is front and center with the first chorus, and only becomes more prominent heading into the second half of the track.

The track's elements start to operate in symphony as it progresses, coming together to showcase a master class in how to build a track from start to finish without watering down any ideas or vision. Subtle new layers and ear candy come onto the scene, but only to complement the core idea and bring it home.

If you're curious of how this track would perform live, look no further than Thys playing it here in this video. You can hear the crowd's reaction. 

What inspired the name for Puma Rhythm? According to Tobin…