Hudson Mohawke Completes Trilogy Of Archival Releases With ‘Airborne Lard’

Hudson Mohawke has released yet another batch of previously unreleased tracks and played out demos in a new project Airborne Lard. This is the third of said projects in a trilogy that follows Poom Gems & B.B.H.E (Big Booty Hiking Exhibition).

The new batch of music keeps the listener on their toes right from the start. It opens with a more traditional, bombastic trap record “Be Ur Fantasy” before things speed up with some skittering low end and percussion on “3_2” and the electro-jazz-funk fusion “Cypress Phil.”

Things continue to ping-pong around from there with bubbling drums on “Costas” or more horns on the soaring “Eternal Blonde” that adds a vocal.

This is the final project from a trilogy of archival releases on Warp Records where the Scot polishes off old tracks that have been floating around and puts them out.

Pick up the project here and stream below.

Hudson Mohawke Airborne Lard