Isolation Ambient Music: Drifting in Silence – Desolate

Multi-instrumentalist and composer Derrick Stembridge has released a new EP under his ambient moniker Drifting in Silence titled Desolate as we carry on our isolation ambient series.

The project mimics the title, but also delivers on a hopeful future that there is more to life than just a cold and unwelcoming world. There are moments of dark, haunting droning synths, but also hopeful pads that swirl around in a hazy bliss.

The project is succinct at five tracks that slowly move across its 27 minutes. It plods along without ever overstaying its welcome, perfect for those final moments when you are ready to go to bed and need to wind down for the night.

The challenge of making great ambient music is not lost on Stembridge.

"I would say the greatest challenge and one of my favorite part of creating ambient music is genre mixing within its ecosystem," notes the composer to Magnetic. "It’s a great genre where you make just about any instrument sound soothing and relaxing."

Listen to the full project below and get it on Bandcamp.

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