Isolation Ambient Music: Mary Lattimore & Mac McCaughan – AVL

Though the world is slowly starting to head outdoors and enjoy the sunshine and better weather, we are still in a tenuous position where things could swing back at any moment. Los Angeles-based harpist & collaborator with the likes of Thurston Moore, Kurt Vile, and Steve Gunn, Mary Lattimore teamed up with Mac McCaughan, part of Superchunk & Portastatic and co-owner of Merge Records on a new ambient project AVL.

AVL is a beautiful, relaxing and complete body of work that blends together elegantly over 33 minutes. The album is a live recording from a show on a 2019 tour the pair did together supporting a different live album New Rain Duets. As McCaughan describes on Bandcamp that this show stood out and they were lucky that it was being recorded.

“Unique moments of synchronicity stand out in my mind from all four of the shows we did, when some odd sound would leap out of a synthesizer or Mary would hit a great bass note at the same time as the Casio spat out a high distorted version of the same note; it was a truly fun experience,” explains McCaughan. 

“And playing with Mary means that beauty is going to be happening more often than not. But the last show of the tour, in a former church in Asheville, was perhaps my favorite and we were lucky that Jeff and Keith at Ambrose West were recording that night.”

AVL was recorded live May 5, 2019 at Ambrose West, Asheville, NC.

Stream the full album below and get a copy on Bandcamp. AVL is available digitally and on vinyl in a limited pressing of 500 copies, on black vinyl in hand-painted, rubber-stamped and hand-numbered chipboard sleeves.

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