John Beltran Releases Soothing Ambient & House EP ‘The Peninsula’

The ever-busy John Beltran is kicking off 2022 with a new EP The Peninsula. Harkening back to his 2011 album Ambient Selections, Beltran’s keeps that same attitude for this EP.

The opener, “Begin Again” introduces the project with a bit of force. It still has spacey pads swirling in the background, but the drums come to the fore, but without overwhelming the tune. The fourth track of the EP “Une belle matinée” has a similar sound, but adding a touch of light acid and synths cooing in the background.

In between those two drum tracks are beatless ambient tunes that project the balance to this project. The title track is a gentle, flowing ambient tune with flowing chimes. “Miss the Colors” has distant voices echoing in the background with oscillating ambient pads that come, go and draw you in.

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The EP has the four originals and then a remix from Luke Hess for the opener, “Begin Again.” Hess turns this up with some squelching acid and a thumping techno kick, but with restraint, to help shake the song to life on the dancefloor. There is a lot to like with the new EP that has soothing ambient and gentle analog house music. Luke Hess adds his own Detroit twist to the EP and rounds this one out. Get it on Bandcamp and a vinyl version may arrive in May.