Lights Out Premiere: Konnektivitat – Eternal Limbo [Koma]

Today, Lights Out brings you an exclusive premiere from the inaugural release of Koma Recording. Label boss Konnektivitat's 'Eternal Limbo' is a pulsating piece of techno leaning more to the EBM-side of techno, and its off-grid kick patterns in combination with the dense atmosphere until the break, in which a more traditional 4/4 groove comes into play. The entire release was recorded solely on a modular rig, tape sampling, and analog gear, in an effort to keep a truly artistic and handcrafted approach. Eternal Limbo will be released on May 20th.

Track: Eternal Limbo

Artist: Konnektivitat

Label: Koma Recording

Format: Vinyl & digital

Release Date: 5-20-2020