LOELASH Blends House, Jazz & Funk On New Album ‘Fantasia’

Italian-born, London-based multi-instrumentalist and producer LOELASH has released his debut album Fantasia. Soaked in melodic synths, groovy drum patterns, infectious bassline and his signature live saxophone melodies, LOELASH has created the perfect blend of joyful house and jazz-fusion sonics. 

On Fantasia LOELASH ensures that no track is the same on Fantasia with his ability to introduce varied genres, sonics and tempos across the album. "Whispers" sees LOELASH produce a high-tempo house-driven track, followed by "All to Me," a groovy R&B-leaning track featuring the wonderful vocals of guest feature Taite Morgan. "Can’t Stop" featuring Toronto-based rapper DijahSB is LOELASH’s take on blending hip-hop and jazz-fusion with sprinkles of electronic textures and West-coast inspired synth sounds reminiscent of Dr. Dre’s production. LOELASH also uses the album to express his own musical identity through feel-good, saxophone driven instrumentals "Triumph’ and "Tide," an instrumental that leans closer to artists such as Burial and Bicep with its fast-paced syncopated synth pattern

It's the culmination of years of hard work and honing of his sound, explains LOELASH. "I don't think I have ever been more proud of a project I've worked on than Fantasia. I loved every part of it, from conceiving the concept to producing the music, looking for features, engineering and promoting. It is something that has been living with me every day for the past two years and has also helped my creativity through the pandemic. There are so many emotions and feelings stacked up in there – a true statement of yet another metamorphosis I went through as an artist and a human being, translated into music."

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LOELASH Blends House, Jazz & Funk On New Album 'Fantasia'

LOELASH will also be celebrating the album release with Fantasia Live at Peckham Audio on November 21st. With a number of artists on the lineup it’s promised to be a night filled with good tunes. Tickets for the event here. Get your copy of the album here.