Logic1000 Releases New EP For "Quieter Settings," ‘In The Sweetness of You’

Sydney-born and Berlin-based, Samantha Poulter aka Logic1000 has released a new EP In the Sweetness of You. The new mom says that this project is largely designed for listening in quieter settings.

“The last EP I made, You’ve Got The Whole Night To Go, was very much a club and festival EP that would have been – if not for lockdown – perfect for playing out. But while making this EP, there was the potential that the songs could actually be played out in clubs and festivals – and there are definitely moments on this release that could be played out,” explains Logic1000. “However, most of the tracks are more for listening in a quieter setting. This wasn’t a conscious decision by any means, it was simply the product of experimentation and growth.”

Despite that sentiment, many of these records do have some serious club potential. “Just Calling” is upbeat, fun and a slight touch of funk for the most straightaway house track on the EP.

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Logic1000 Releases New EP For "Quieter Settings," 'In The Sweetness of You'

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“Natural” still has a sturdy bass line, but cooing vocals and whispering synths help bring down the temperature a bit. “What You Like” with yunè pinku is the deepest of the bunch. The finale “21” provides some atmospheric breaks with a touch of acid to top off the project.

Logic1000 has been prolific with now two EPs and some remixes in 2021. Poulter says she is very inspired now with a little baby, so it will be great to see what comes from that and how it might shift her music. Get your copy of In The Sweetness of You here.