Magnetic Mix 095: Kaum

This week we head to Venice for our latest Magnetic Mix from Italian duo Kaum. The duo finds their niche between deep house and organic indie electronic elements with some pop elements. They released their new single “Nowhere" featuring General Vibe this past Friday, which captures what they are about. They channel that even further in their mix, which features records from themselves, Le Youth and others. There are four new songs from Kaum that will be on an album coming in December 2020.

“Some of the featured tracks bring a lot of melody to the mix, while others are there to enhance the rich sonic tapestry within the mix, bringing so many interesting sounds to the forefront. This way, the goal is to achieve a balanced experience, making for a more direct and open mix,” Kaum explain to Magnetic.

“The mix reflects the fact that Elia and Michele come from different creative backgrounds, yet managed to find the right balanced between our influences, making for an eclectic yet impactful and cohesive beats, where deeper bass tones, melodies and beat patterns come together seamlessly.”

Listen to the mix now and follow along with the tracklist.


1. Christine and the Queens – Comme si (Fred Again Remix)
2. Kaum feat. General Vibe – Fire
3. Tinlicker & Helsloot – Because You Move Me
4. Le Youth – About us
5. Kaum feat. Shania – Hide
6. Kyle Watson – You Boy (Ft. Kylah Jasmine)
7. Mele – Temptation
8. Sound Quelle – Deep Chicken
9. Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano, YAX.X feat. SABRI – PRAY
10. Kaum feat. General Vibe – Closer
11. Gorgon City & DRAMA – Nobody (Extended Mix)
12. SKIY – Creep (Extended Mix)
13. Hoodboi – Higher
14. Twenty feet down – Talking to You (Deep Radio Mix)
15. Maverick Sabre Feat. Jorja Smith – Slow Down (Vintage Culture & Slow Motion Remix)
16. Kaum feat. General Vibe – Nowhere