Magnetic Mix 119: Thys

One part of legendary bass trio Noisia, Dutch composer and producer Thijs de Vlieger (AKA Thys) released his Unmoved Mover / Unwound EP at the end of last month. The pioneering bass trio decided to have 2020 be their swan song after two decades, though the year has thrown a wrench in their plans (as it did for all of us), but this has allowed individual members to focus more on their own individual projects. Thys released a dance soundtrack last year and has continued with more remixes and collaborations.

Now he steps up for a Magnetic Mix in connection with the EP. It reflects the type of music he is making and inspired by at the moment. He keeps things moving in the drum and bass ethos with 32 tracks in 60 minutes, jumping between genres and throws in some unreleased IDs as well.

“This mix is more of less a map that pencils out the edges of my world right now. It has some of my favorite club music tunes of the last few years as well as some unfinished and forthcoming music by myself and my friends,” explains Thys. 

“Slowly moving from 124 to 160 in the space of an hour, it shows clear signs of my roots in DnB and bass music, as well as indicating both the more subtle and more experimental directions I'm headed for in the future. Also, in the typical DnB mixing style, it manages to smoothly fit 32 tracks in just an hour!"

Listen to the mix now below.


01. Forest Drive West – Other
02. 1127 – Hackney
03. Object – Cactus
04. Bastiengoat – Cat Nap
05. Rival consoles – Forwardism
06. Pangaea – One By One
07. Fjaak – Duz It
08. Cocktail Party Effect – Donkey Fight
09. Thys – Unmoved Mover
10. ID – ID
11. Fjaak – Underdawg
12. Thys & Two Fingers (Amon Tobin) – Charlatan
13. Tek Genesis & Quiet Bison – Petrichor (Former Remix)
14. Ramadanman – Work
15. ID – ID
16. ID – ID
17. Andy Stott – Ballroom
18. ID – ID
19. Walton – Djembe
20. ID – ID
21. Skee Mask – Play Ha
22. James Blake – Order
23. Andy Stott – Collapse
24. Skee Mask – RZZ
25. Thys – Unwound (ft. Lordel)
26. Sophia Loizou – The Interior Life of Another
27. Stenny – Whyrl
28. Flore – Coded Language
29. A Fruit – Wars
30. Imanu – Mon Chou
31. Addison Groove – Brand New Drop (Thys Remix)
32. Thys – Unmoved Mover (Sinistarr Remix)