OTR Shares Chilled, Spacey Debut Album ‘Lost At Midnight’

Ryan (great name) Chadwick, better known as OTR, has released his debut album Lost At Midnight. He has slowly bubbled up over the past few years with tracks that fit the long line of producers who fall in the Odesza mold. He got his start in music in 2015 while in grad school as an aerospace engineer on an internship in the remote Japanese town of Kurashiki. Feeling somewhat isolated, he bought a midi keyboard and started to make music that reflected the limited piano he had learned in college and his mood at the moment.

That has all led to this point where he signed with Astralwerks and released his new album Lost At Midnight. His background as an aerospace engineer fits the album’s sound. It has a space-age feel like getting lost in a bright, star-filled sky. Little arps twinkle over bright melodies that help guide the mood of the album

Sometimes he is carried by some of the star collaborators like Panama on the summer “Drive” or Shallou who seems like a meeting of very similar and apt minds. The project is chilled and cheery that is often washed out in reverb. It is good for long days indoors and long nights doing not too much.

Stream the full project below and grab your copy here.