Premiere: Digitalism Share Pair Of Remixes Of Luttrell’s "My Friend The Sun"

Luttrell released his new album Lucky Ones almost exactly two months ago and we now have three fresh remixes to go for one of the singles “My Friend The Sun.” We are happy to premiere two from criminally underrated German electronic duo Digitalism. The other remix comes from Aussie rising star Alice Ivy, who has an excellent album coming later this summer.

“My Friend The Sun” was the song on Lucky Ones that resembled the most what Luttrell had been doing as a member of The M Machine with more uptempo drum patterns and breakbeats, rather than the soothing, deep house he has shifted to as a member of the Anjunadeep clan. That has made this a perfect remix addition for Digitalism.

The Germans deliver two slightly different takes on the track with a “Sound.wav” remix and then an “ERROR 404” remix. The Sound.wav remix thumps with a kick drum that powers through the mix, even on your laptop speakers, a bassline that delivers some funk and staggering synths that soar on top. The ERROR 404 remix offers something a little different with more of a focus on synth-work that stutter with a jogging bassline underneath and the sort of electro distortion you would want from Digitalism.

Normally they work together in person on music, but these remixes were the first pieces of music they had to do digitally as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic.

“Our remix work for ‘My Friend The Sun" is very special to us because it's the first production we did remotely under the Corona lockdown. It's something we'll never forget. While the world was turning upside down around us, we would meet up online and hang out in the cloud for hours, jamming around with the ideas that came to our minds," explains Digitalism. 

"Everything was made in the box this time, cloud-working permitting. The original is very big and has a hypnotic groove, which inspired us to do not one but two remixes. One pursuing the breakbeats – we teleport into a nightclub under the midnight sun -, and the other being a looping groove lockdown.”

Listen to both remixes now before the three remixes are released this Monday, May 18. Pre-order the remixes here.