Premiere: Harry Romero & Lex Luca – Use Me [Bombossa Records]

Harry Romero & Lex Luca have teamed up on a new single “Use Me” that will be released tomorrow, November 20 on Romero’s Bombossa Records. We are happy to premiere it for you today.

A cross-Atlantic collaboration from London to New Jersey, the pair go right for what has made house music such an indelible force over the past 50 years – groove.

“It was great fun making this record together with the House music master himself Harry Romero, at his famous Butcha Shop studios in New Jersey. Harry and I connected right from the get go,” says Lex Luca in a statement to Magnetic. “After going through some old vinyl and bouncing some ideas, the tune took shape pretty quick, and it developed organically. I love the whole energy and the vibes of the track, and I’m hyped for everyone to hear it!”

They then add a simple, yet very effective piano line on top of the record, a female vocal sexily whispering in the break and more percussion to whip this one up into a frenzy.

“I’m not usually a huge fan of collaborations and especially if I don’t know the other person that well,” says Romero. “So I took a chance and put some studio time in at my home studio with Lex. He is a true talent, a gentleman and I am glad I took that chance to sit and ‘paint’ with him. I think the final track speaks for itself!”

"Use Me" will be out tomorrow, November 20 via Romero’s Bombossa Records but you can stream it below until then. Dance on your own with this one as we get into the holidays. Pre-order the song here.