Premiere: Miami Horror – Emagination (B-Side)

Melbourne disco, electronic music group Miami Horror is prepping the 10-year anniversary edition of their debut album Illumination for release next month. Back in 2010 time, the group was just its founder, Benjamin Plant, but now it has grown to the four members it has today. To celebrate, they are reissuing the record with a slew of remixes, b-sides and a 25 minute video that will take you through the album. We are super happy to premiere one of those b-sides for you today “Emagination.”

This is a song to make you feel good. Like really good.

The group brings it back to some of their very best on “Emagination” with soaring synths, piano lines that fly across your speakers, hazy vocals and an irresistible funky bass line, all packaged with a French-sounding 90’s house feel to it. This is about as danceable as you will get from Miami Horror, so whenever we are all dancing again, go and see them and be ready for a peaktime moment with this record.

They never had plans to do b-sides, but when going back, there were some good records that had merit and luckily “Emagination” came up.

"We've never been the type of band to release any b-sides or demos, so it was pretty exciting to dig through the Illumination archives and see if anything had merit. There were a few tracks I had liked from back in that era that didn't fit the record or make the cut," explains Plant. 

"It's been so long now that I felt like it could be a nice treat to open that door. 'Emagination' was supposed to be a bit of a sample house banger crossed with the psych-pop vocal that some 90s house tracks had. For the same reason, it also ties into the ethos of our track "I Look To You," which I'd characterize in a similar way."

Listen to “Emagination” below and pre-order the track before it is released this Friday, February 26th. The full Illumination 3-disc box set will be released on March 19th and can be pre-ordered here.