Premiere: Sage Suede & Dazmin D’leon Release Revealing New EP Glossy

Pop producers Sage Suede and Dazmin D’Leon continue their rise to the top with the release of their first EP together, Glossy, shortly following their widely acclaimed track “Feel So Light-Headed,” released last week, and part of the EP’s tracklist. 

“Gonna Make Her Blush,” “The Long Haul,” and “Too Real To Deal With,” are the tracks that add to the already released “Feel So Light-Headed” and its remix, all together contributing to form an EP that exposes cozy and sensual, even mystical vibes layered atop a heavy bass line, Sage Suede’s signature element. 

Glossy is a provocative work of art that enumerates the glories and hardships of relationships, and displays two talented souls joining forces to create a tracklist filled with poppin urban vibes, glamorous dreamy synths, and revealing lyrics.

This dazzling EP will surely expand the artists reach in the entertainment world, and solidify their status as a potentially star duo who fearlessly address the dirty details of relationships, and open the door for all the gossips behind break-ups and betrayals, over melodic Hip-Hop beats and dreamy pop soundtracks. 

Stream Glossy below: