Review: Jayda G’s ‘Both Of Us / Are You Down’ EP Is What Summer Should Have Been

Jayda G has released a new EP Both Of Us / Are You Down, her first new music since her 2019 debut album Significant Changes. The tracks come in their original form, plus remixes to create a four-track project.

“Both Of Us” is a buoyant and vibrant slice of piano house which she describes as a “happy house song” and calls upon some classic house tracks of the 80’s and 90’s. “Are U Down” draws you into its spell with submerged drums, fluttering piano and soft pads echoing around the mix as a voice gentle coos in your ear like they are trying to seduce you in a fancy lounge. The Sunset Bliss mix of “Both Of Us” adds a different twist to the record, adding more energy to the track with more drums, a stronger groove underneath and cutting up and looping the vocal. It is somehow even more euphoric than the original. The remix of “Are U Down” is even more stripped down and sticks to the drums.

Both tracks were born out of a meeting with Fred again, where they quickly struck up a friendship and met in the studio. “It’s a nice switch up to have a different energy” says Jayda, “I’d been missing that after the album, which was mostly just me, with Allie (Alexa Dash) on some of the vocals. Working with Fred was great, because I can just be my dorky self and not be judged.”

The entire EP feels as joyous as what summer should feel like. It is the ideal of a house summer spent outside, with friends, preferably listening to music. Obviously the world has had other plans, but that can’t stop you from enjoying life all the same.

Listen to Both Of Us / Are You Down now and get a copy here via Ninja Tune.