Shlohmo Releases New EP For The End Of Days ‘HEAVEN INC’

Shlohmo has released a new EP HEAVEN INC, which feels like the opposite of heaven, or at least what we are led to believe what heaven is.

The EP opens with the title track, a soft, glitchy tune that slowly builds with white noise, synths flashing in the background and eventually drums and guitars that build and build until it just cuts away at the end. “Looking At Plants” blends trip-hop with some floating guitars and grinding bass underneath. As the video would suggest, it is like you are cruising along, minding your own business as the world burns around you. Fitting for life online today.

“Misanthrope” with laser-like synths firing slowly like a fat (most of them are so out of shape) cop trying to run after a protestor with heavy drums and apocalyptic synths and fx swirling around in the foreground.

The EP closes out with the haunting “Nice & Shiny,” which feels like it got hit with a reverse Uno card.

This is an EP for the end of days and we are there. Happy Labor Day Weekend!

Listen below and grab a copy here.