Soothe Your Soul With’ New Ambient EP ‘Memory’

Welcome back to a new week post holiday weekend and this may be the beginning of work or school in earnest for some. Offices have indicated they may open in some places around this time and schools are starting to open up now. Courage to you all. If the nerves are jangling today, we have a new dose of ambient music to hopefully calm things down a bit. Wyoming native has released a new four-track EP Memory and it is there to sooth your soul.

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Four tracks and sixteen minutes, it isn’t overly long and it doesn't get lost in one note for three minutes like some ambient productions (though that is child’s play for John Cage). There are soft, ambient pads, bouts of crunchy noise and swirling synths that all come together on this beautiful EP.

“Every track begins with a melody that is eventually drowned in its surrounding texture. ‘Wyoming’ buries a sad melody in murky tape-drenched distortion. ‘92 Senses’ features a traditional song form but with all the edges between sections bleeding into one another. ‘Memory’ is a simple lullaby-like song on the piano, with pads and analog noise trying to disturb and smother it. ‘Sarah’ features a melodic guitar line overtaken by a densely packed synth chord cycle,” explains “I wanted to create songs that feel vulnerable, almost as if they are beginning to lose control. The emotion is spilling over.”

Listen to the project below and grab a copy here via bitbird.