Tama Gucci Bridges R&B, Pop & Sparkling Electronics On New EP ‘Almsot Blue’

Miami-raised, NYC-based musician and electronic music composer Tama Gucci has released his new EP Almost Blue. The third EP from the Anonymous Club collaborator, Gucci blends together pop, R&B, jungle, drum & bass and house music into this project.

The title comes from his love for the color blue and what it means. “For me, blue is a color that represents total comfort and fulfillment,” he says. The music has a hue of blue, as he ruminates about love, loss and sex. “Bedroom” may be the most obvious, but he also sings about the desire that comes with love. He sings in an almost desperate tone for someone to “Wear my heart on your sweater” on “Sweater.”

The songs blend pop songwriting with electronic music, like the skittering jungle on “2 Wrongs Don’t Make It Right” or the bright and cheery drum and bass on “Show Me.” Some of the songs are slower, like “Sweater” as his vocals take center stage, but things often shift quickly on the rest of the EP. “Panties” is built around some knocking kicks and rolling 808s, while “Challenge” keeps things bright with some sparkling house music.

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Tama Gucci Bridges R&B, Pop & Sparkling Electronics On New EP 'Almsot Blue'

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Tama Gucci shines again on this project, presenting pop, R&B and electronic music in a unique way. It sparkles at times and then feels blue as he ponders love, sex and potential loss. Get your copy here.