Tangerine Dream Release New EP ‘Probe 6-8’ With Barker & Grand River Remixes

Tangerine Dream’s discography is long and packed with albums, reissues and live projects. Today, they step out with some new music in the form of a five-track EP Probe 6-8. The project comes with three new originals and two remixes from Grand River and Barker.

Tangerine Dream deliver another suite of sublime, slow moving and growing tracks like the cinematic opener “Raum” that gradually builds with dark synths over nearly 15 minutes. “Continuum” evolves with airy pads and rolling synths. Grand River adds an epic and growing remix for the opener “Raum,” paring things down a little bit. Barker keeps the essence of “Continuum,” but makes the synths oscillate even more for a tune that hypnotizes.

For past several decades, Tangerine Dream have been some of the best when it comes to crafting long synth tracks. Probe 6-8 is another addition to their lengthy discography that you can get lost in. Get lost in these tunes while you are there by getting it in various formats here.

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