The 15 Best Disco & Funk Tracks of November 2020

November has seen the return of Anoraak, Purple Disco Machine, Mind Enterprises, and the glorious Kylie Minogue. As the world limps to the end of 2020, let these songs lift your spirits and keep you moving and grooving through the holidays, however that may look for you.

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1. Kylie Minogue – Last Chance

It is an impossible task to choose the "best" track from Kylie Minogue's transcendent Disco album, but "Last Chance" resonates strongly because it still feels like classic Kylie, ala "Spinning Around," but sounds perfectly in step with modern disco, like only Kylie can! She's at her best when she calls us onto the dancefloor, and this album couldn't have come out at a more welcome time in our history! 

2. Hot Chip – Straight To The Morning feat. Jarvis Cocker

This IS A BANGER! Just when we thought Hot Chip might be heading into the ambient landscape, they come screaming back, with a little help from Jarvis Cocker, on "Straight To The Morning"! The song is projecting to a Covid free time where anything goes until the morning light. We all want to go there, and with any luck, early 2021 will give us the opportunity!

3. Conan Liquid Presents The Crates Motel Collective – Gotta Scratch

"Gotta Scratch" is a party wrapped up in a tight 7:32. Some parts tropical, some parts spacey, and all parts funky, Conan Liquid Presents The Crates Motel Collective use whoops, shouts, screams, and background chatter in lieu of vocals, and it works completely. The whole track makes you feel like you are right there, partying along with them!

4. Purple Disco Machine & Mind Enterprises – Exotica

"Exotica" is a fabulous mix of Italo disco and early '80s synth-pop. The marriage of Purple Disco Machine and Mind Enterprises is magic. This track has a heady, spacey sound full of synths and altered vocals. By the end, you feel like you are in a movie soundtrack driving a car into the matrix. Well done gentlemen.

5. Per QX – Hit Da Spot

Per QX was missing the fun and abandon of late '80's hip hop and early '90s rave music, so he set up his own label called Walk of Shame Records. "Hit Da Spot" is his first release on the label and is certainly promising of great things to come! The rap on this track is a little dirty, and a whole lot of fun, think Missy Elliot or Salt-N-Pepa. You would definitely want to hear this at the club but for now, this will make you dance it out in your living room!

6. Theo Kottis – Seventies

I know the '70s weren't perfect, but I think most of us would trade 2020 for any day in the '70s, and so would Edinburgh's own Theo Kottis! "Seventies" is a funky little groove with just enough disco sass to make you want to lace up those roller skates and get moving! Take us straight to the party Theo!

7. Patawawa – Disco Video

Patawawa are back and bringing the happy with them! On "Disco Video" Beth Garrett takes the lead vocal and adds her own spice to the mix. This track is another teaser of their upcoming full-length release Power-Up coming out in March 2021, which promises to make you dance for at least 45 minutes straight!

8. Funkdamento – How To Love Me

"How To Love Me" does not sound like it was written by a modern artist, rather it has the feel of something beautiful from an age gone by. Funkdamento would have been just as comfortable composing in 1976 as he does now. All parts of this track are silky, sexy, and smooth. Just what the Dr. ordered.

9. Monsieur Van Pratt – I Got Music

"I Got Music" has a hypnotic chugging rhythm that will get you grooving as soon as you hear it. Monsieur Van Pratt has some exciting new projects coming up but has enough terrific material ready to keep us dancing while we wait!

10. Tabaschek – Funky People

Do you love '80s funk vibes, because if so, Tabaschek's "Funky People" is for you! This track is an anthem of black power wrapped in a funky blanket. Powerful messages can be super danceable too! Check out the Funky People EP Ghetto Disco Records.

11. Anoraak – Transatlantic

Anoraak is back with a deep disco track that is on par with April's "Gang," but with a much deeper groove. Gone are the driving sexy vocals that the previous track contained and beautifully replaced with jammy bass and synths. Someday we will all get "Transatlantic" again, but until then, enjoy this!

12.  Devoye - Any Way You Want It

Funky, soulful, a little jazzy, and just all-around smooth, "Any Way You Want It" will get you in the mood! Devoye is bringing a little escapism with this tune, since in the current environment about all you can do is dream of a lover. Let this song touch you "Any Way You Want It."

13. Maximono – Won't Stop

Kitsuné Musique has such a rich stable of new artists that it's always exciting when an artist rises to the top of the heap. Maximono is bringing the heat with "Won't Stop," an ode to fellow musicians to keep on making music through the worst of times. The vibe is deep house mixed with a little disco shine. This track is the perfect way to wind down an evening.

14. Scruscru & Cipcura – Akazukin

Scruscru & Cipcura have given us a lush landscape of sound with "Akazukin." This track is a lovely slice of disco acid house perfect for those evening cocktails. The female vocal gives the track a very exotic feel. The combination of all of these elements makes for a very enjoyable track that you can find on City Fly Records.

15. Benbo & Michelle Bee – Room In A Box

This track is completely unorthodox and totally brilliant! "Room in A Box" has that mid-'90s Cibo Matto feel while drawing on late '70s disco influences as well. Benbo & Michelle Bee have given us a complete breath of fresh air and I can't wait to hear more from this duo.

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