The 15 Best Indie Dance Tracks of March 2020

Yep. It’s true. I’m stuck inside. Indie Discotheque is stuck inside. I’ve been going for a lot of walks, and you know what? I don’t know what I would do without them. If you haven’t gone on a walk recently, I recommend putting your headphones on, cranking this up, and moving your feet. Just stay away from the other people OK? We need you here.

We have a Spotify playlist, and you can also check out the rest of the indie dance charts here.

1. Wallows – OK

You could say it’s just "OK," but this song from Wallows is one of those tracks that has the indie aesthetic you’ve been craving for ages. The chorus has that perfect feel, with just a bit of swagger to help you groove while you’re out on the dancefloor. Not to mention the "OK" sample; that alone makes the song addictive. And considering the situation we’re all in, this is the song we need right now.

2. Mickey Kojak – Strange

This is not the first time I have featured music from Mickey Kojak and is unlikely to be the last. It’s just fine to be feeling strange right now, and this is another track that we can relate to with this whole situation. How can we feel strange when we’re around the ones we know? Now we know.

3. Jawny – Anything You Want

I was a bit thrown off with the name change, but it’s understandable. Johnny Utah is now just Jawny, but the catchy indie dance grooves are still here. Since the name is all that’s drastically different (or is it?) I’ll just keep dancing to these amazing tunes he keeps writing.

4. Phantogram – Dear God

Another one worth featuring from Phantogram, “Dear God” brings a pace that’s perfect for the dancefloor, and the rhythmic vibe and overall musical arrangement of this piece bring a familiar sing-along harmony that’s hard to find in today’s musical landscape.

5. Coin – Into My Arms

When “Into My Arms” begins you think you’re off to the races, but the vocal treatment of this new one from Coin balances the tempo and will make you dance in half-time. The vocals are so soothing. Perhaps it's the effects or the contrast of the guitar work, but masterful in its own right.

6. Red Axes – Sticks & Stones feat. Adi Bronicki

I’ll admit I’m not always into the rapping and this style of attitude with swagger, but this is one of those tracks that just fit. I love the way Red Axes has arranged this piece. It’s not just the simplicity of the arrangement, but it's the accent sounds that really highlight the production.

7. Circa Waves – Battered & Bruised

This new Circa Waves album is phenomenal, so it's only right that I feature the “Battered & Bruised” track from it. While arranged from familiar themes, it's the performance that truly highlights the talent here. Between the piano and the whistling, this is a track to keep your attention.

8. LPX – New Mood

Scream it out and vent your frustrations. We all need music like this at times, and “New Mood” from LPX lays it all out on the table. We’re all locked in right now. Cut loose, and let it out. Vent your frustrations, and get yourself into a new mood that fits the current situation.

9. The Wants – Container

We might feel like we are all stuck inside containers right now, but the fun thing to do is to see how much you can fit into the containers you have laying around right now. The Wants are helping us out in this regard by providing music for us to dance to while stuck inside.

10. Vlossom – My Friend

Vlossom might be one of my new favorite groups of the year. It’s a true modernization of indie dance music, harkening back to the days of Pnau and Empire of the Sun without playing on overdone themes. “My Friend” has a bit of psychedelic influence and vibes of smoke on the water.

11. NeuGrau – Move Forward

It took me a minute to sort out the album and the band name on this one because She Lost Kontrol Records didn’t properly credit NeuGrau in the upload tags on the version they uploaded, subsequently reducing it to a one-minute track length. Thankfully they also post-released a “premiere” with Ransom Note, so we can now enjoy the track in its entirety here.

12. Loose Fit – Black Water

Do you want grooving bass guitar? I found some for you, and Loose Fit is the band that is giving it to you. ”Black Water” is a track that is simple in its song structure, with an unpolished, prominent vocal track laid over a bassline that will never get old, and the simplicity of the percussion is perfect.

13. Viagra Boys – Lick the Bag

I’m trying to tally all of the reasons I have licked bags over the years, but the tastiest reason I can think of is a pastry bag filled with frosting. Viagra Boys want you to know that any of those delicious leftovers (or even non-food related items) you have placed in bags can be relevant with regard to this track. Go ahead, just lick the bag.

14. Wharves – Nothing Left to Say

More. Cowbell. That’s really the primary reason this Wharves track is here, because it is so instantly ear-catching. But once you get beyond that, you’ll notice the variety in sound and arrangement across the track, and how musical “Nothing Left to Say” truly is.

15. Cactus? – Shitdisco

For a half-second, I got really excited and thought this was a new track by Shitdisco, but while clearly inspired by that band, it’s actually a totally head thrashing worthy song by a band called Cactus? Are we unsure if actually Cactus? Regardless, great song. Thrash your head to it.

Hear it all in a convenient playlist: