The Director’s Cut: Monocule – Monocule (Volume 1) EP

International DJ, label owner, and producer, Nicky Romero announced a new side project called Monocule diving into the deeper end of electronic music. From Protocol Recordings to making hits with artists like Krewella & Avicii, Romero has switched things up with this alias. Quite quite different than the typical mainstream big room sound that has brought him so much success, this new brand dives into the deeper and darker side of electronic music.

"Monocule is a brand new alias of mine, which lets me express my neverending love for deeper classic progressive house vibes. During these uncertain times, it feels really good to lock myself up in the studios and work with a different spectrum of sounds. I'm excited to finally share my first single and EP with the world as Monocule and more than happy to have Tim van Werd & Mosimann being part of this inaugural release! The sky is the limit for Monocule, so I 'm stoked about this new sonic journey."Nicky Romero

Since announcing his new alias, he released three tracks on his Monocule Volume 1 EP to showcase his fresh-sounding basslines and catchy toplines. The vocals on "Time To Save" with Tim van Werd & Mosimann stay true to his organic and pure sound, while crossing into new electronic territory. Nothing like his mainstream productions, Nicky takes his abilities with these tracks to a whole new class, opening himself up to a whole new world of opportunity. 

Nicky let us know a little more about each track individually and what they mean to him in a new Director's Cut feature.

1. Time To Save with Tim van Werd ft. Mosimann

The first record on Monocule Volume 1 EP is called "Time To Save." It's a track that I created together with Tim van Werd and Mosimann. I'm such a big fan of both of them, so I'm very excited that they are part of the first track on the Monocule's first release ever. I think Mosimann really told the story right with his vocals, especially when you see what is happening around the world right now.

2. Close To Me

The second record of the EP, that is called "Close To Me," is a track that was the very first step towards the sound of Monocule. I realized then that I was working on something deeper than what I usually work on as Nicky Romero. That's the record that made me excited to explore different, deeper vibes, and that's how we came up with the idea to release it under the alias Monocule.

3. Waiting For You – Monocule

We did the final record on this EP together with the crew of our Instigate Studios, and it was really great to experience such a vibrant atmosphere in the studio these days. It feels great to produce different sounds after being active in the music business for over a decade. With Monocule, I want to experiment with the music that I always loved next to what I release as Nicky Romero. This is a more groovy, underground-oriented side of me, and I'm very excited to start this journey. I hope the fans will enjoy it as much as I do!