Watch: Aliens Invade In Animated Full Album Visual For Baauer’s New LP ‘PLANET’S MAD’

Baauer has released the visual element of his new album PLANET’S MAD. The visual follows as an alien species brings their planet, PLANET’S MAD to ours and things start to unravel in rather wild ways. Baauer is at first very unaware of what is going on as chaos ensues in New York City. He is near Times Square (why dude are you there?) and he runs all the way across the bridge without stopping in an impressive feat of stamina.

Then things get weird.

The alien species of different types start to populate various parts of our planets in forests, deserts and underground. Eventually, Baauer comes to DJ a alien rave as various animal and human-like species dance wildly. There are moments that look like some of the protests I went to.

It all could be a message to take care of this planet because if we don’t another species may come here and do it for us. We are shit custodians of this planet and another planet of alien life may need to do it for us.

This is your chance to hear the album before it is out tomorrow. The video is well pieced together, giving us a good look at the songs one the record. PLANET’S MAD will be released tomorrow, June 19 via LuckyMe. The album will also be made available on Bandcamp for Bandcamp’s Juneteenth NAACP fundraiser this Friday.

The video was co-directed by Baauer and Dominic Flannigan. Eric Wareheim guest stars. Animation was done by Actual Objects (Rick Farin, Claire Cochran, Nick Vernet). After the video is premiered on YouTube, Baauer will be live on Twitch to view it again and chat with the people who helped make it.