Watch: Pets Find Real Connection Offline In Groove Armada ‘Lover 4 Now’ Music Video

Groove Armada has released the music video for their new single “Lover 4 Now” featuring Todd Edwards. Taken from the duo’s first album in 10 years, Edge Of The Horizon, the video examines the trappings of the digital world, especially digital relationships, but from a slightly different angle. It follows a Cosmo the cat and Mio the dog in separate households as they connect, show each other their buttholes, play music and more, before deciding to actually connect in real life.

New York’s Fons Schiedon directed and animated the video.

“I wrote the treatment as New York was shutting down to handle the coronavirus outbreak. For weeks, the city remained eerily quiet, except for the frequent sound of ambulances,” explains Schiedon. “An audio recording of that soundscape taken from my roof is what the video opens with. From the isolation of a smallish apartment, and my improvised studio now squeezed into a corner of the bedroom, the doomy future scenarios just kind of wrote themselves.”

Watch the video and get ready for Edge Of The Horizon to be released on October 2.