Weedsday Playlist: Ami Nicole of ACRONYM Shares 5 Songs For Your Next Smoke Sesh

Ami Nicole, also known as ACRONYM, is a photographer, journalist, director and event curator, who operates more often than not in the Cannabis space. With 10+ years under her belt, she has collaborated with brands like Ooze, TikTok, Sullen Clothing, Skunk Bags, and CannaSmack.

Ami Nicole has also landed bylines on Cannabis-related sites like High Times Magazine and

ACRONYM also has a passion for up and coming artists, and when throwing events in her home base of Detroit, Michigan, her festival Found In The Underground showcases art of all mediums and musical genres. She knows how to curate a solid playlist, and that is why she’s created a brand new one for us for Weedsday.

1. Royce Da 5’9” Featuring Eminem and King Green – “Caterpillar”

Royce is always speaking from experience, and what a wise man he is. One of the most underrated mc’s in my book, Royce Da 5’9” brings his lessons of growth and adversity to his songs, as well as probably the most iconic line I could identify with on the track, “Remember when you praisin' the butterfly, don't you ever disrespect the fuckin' caterpillar.” POWERFUL. I fully recommend his most recent release, The Allegory, as well as the album that this is from, Book of Ryan.

2. Run The Jewels – “Call Ticketron”

Killer Mike and El-P are electric, whether it’s in the studio or on stage. “Call Ticketron” is one of my favorites because of the energy the track brings, and qualifies Killer Mike specifically to be one of the faster but smarter lyricists out there. Plus, the music video has aliens, qualifying it for its stoner card. 

3. Dr. Dre Featuring Snoop Dogg – “The Next Episode”

I feel like it would be blasphemy to not include a track from Uncle Snoop. The man is THE OG, has made massive strides to not only bettering his brand and leading in the Cannabis world, but also expanding into pop culture celebrity stardom. I mean, the man even promotes Vegan products now! I’ve got loads of respect for him, and if this song were the only track they ever did, it would forever immortalize both Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre. Plus he was so chill when I met him, which I admire wholeheartedly. There’s nothing worse than meeting your heroes and them being lackluster or unfortunately rude.

4. The Cure – “Burn”

The Crow is one of my favorite films, and consequently, one of my favorite soundtracks. I picked “Burn” specifically due to its cerebral, stoner feel, but I’ll be damned if I don’t mention Nine Inch Nails’ track “Dead Souls,” or the iconic sequence that contains “Big Empty” from Stone Temple Pilots. It’s just an absolute time capsule, and I’ve committed hard to the love of it – as there’s the outline of The Crow fire tattooed on my wrist.

5. Gorillaz Feat. Popcaan – “Saturnz Barz”

Not only did I get drawn into this video because it’s an animation of the hood side of Detroit and a story of a haunted abandoned house (my favorite, as an urban explorer), but the track is trippy and thought provoking in it’s very own Gorillaz type of way. Bet the leader is really happy he dropped off Blur after “Song 2,” because the Gorillaz is a whole new level of creative exploration, with unlimited and fluid expansion.