Weedsday Playlist: Artist Savina Monet Shares 5 Songs for Your Next Smoke Sesh

Savina Monet enjoys the process of destruction and creation by shredding some of your favorite magazines in the name of art. Hailing from the strange sister city of Seattle, Savina is a self-taught digital and hand-cut collage artist creating pieces that demystify pot and its effects. When she isn't working on her collage pieces, Savina works as a freelance graphic designer for the cannabis industry creating packaging and branding for female- and POC-owned businesses.

Now she has taken over our Weedsday playlist with an eclectic mix of tracks.

“My selects are pretty eclectic, but I tried to arrange it in a way that takes the reader on a journey through the playlist,” says Monet, “this was super fun!”

1. Toro Y Moi – "Freelance"

Chaz Bear is a crazy talented creative that has his hands in just about everything and thankfully for us, music is one of them. This funky tune has a constant pulse that literally pulls you through the day. I like to put this on to get me out of bed and starting to work. After a fresh bowl, put this on to kill any feeling of couch lock.

2. Leikeli47 – "Girl Blunt"

This song always transports me to summers back in Seattle when my brother and I would cruise around in his purple '67 Monte Carlo lowrider, puffing on Swisher blunts and just generally stunting on the city. This is a hyphy-hyphy song.

3. Khruangbin – "Evan Finds The Third Room"

I can't help but dance every. single. time. I listen to this song. It is the perfect amount of funky attitude and psychedelic vocals that instantly boosts your energy. Listen to it when you are already high, you can hear every note and you'll love dancing Granny even more.

4. Joe Bataan – "Gypsy Woman"

For the life of me I swore that in the beginning of the song they were chanting, "Ha! She smokes pot!" and they continued to sing about a free-spirited Gypsy woman that smoked pot and danced around and lived the good life. For that reason, I call this my song.

5. Teedra Moses – "Be Your Girl" (Kaytranada Remix)

Every smoke sesh playlist needs a house song, period. House music has a way of melting off your stress, similar to the way cannabis does. Put them both together and soon you'll be boogieing to ecstasy and back!