Tune in and turn up
Addictedtoedm / Alba Smith

Danny Avila is an innovative 24-year-old that’s building a reputation as a masterful creator dance music classics. His newest track “Good Times” is released on Tiesto’s well known Musical Freedom label. It is a funk infused banger that draws from Chic’s well-known hit: Good Times.

Danny’s musical interpretation a disco masterpiece pays respect to the most multi-dimensional genres. Good Times is a solid track that is brimming with a deeply satisfying combination groovy vocal and rumbling bass. This energetic track is an eclectic piece work that allows Danny to flex more his multi-genre muscles. It’s the perfect amalgamation sounds to revive a much-loved 70’s classic with that added extra summer vibe. Danny’s insured that Good Times is ready to be thrust straight into the hands his electronically thirsty international following.

Give it a listen below!

Words by Alba Smith
Music Editor