Tune in and turn up
Addictedtoedm / Arienne Milano

DiRTY RADiO have released their long-awaited third studio album Pleasures. The LP is an engaging anthology DiRTY RADiO’s signature production flairs combined with fresh and exciting sounds across sixteen distinct and individual tracks.  

Marking seven years since the Vancouver-based duo’s last album, Cassette (2012), the pair has evidently been busy clocking up some serious studio hours. The result is a diverse, interwoven array singles that display their musical evolution through the lens their irresistible R&B infused electronic beats. 

‘Pleasures’ fers a delightfully diverse assortment music ranging from future-house and garage all the way through to more soulful grooves as well as their signature electro-infused R&B imprint. Having already released three highly esteemed tracks from the album, which include ‘My Feelings’, ‘Pleasures’ and ‘Is It Enough’ the LP validates DiRTY RADiO’s undeniable talent as producers and songwriters. You can check out the album below!

Music Editor