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Anjuna family member, Grum, is ending the 2019 year ‘deep’ in the spotlight. The release the highly anticipated

The album art for “Deep State” is so cool! Did you have any involvement in it?

Thank you. It was mostly developed and created by a studio called Big Active, who works with Anjuna on many their album projects. I wanted really strong imagery and I think they really delivered with something very stark and memorable, which really suits the album.

Diving Into The "Deep State" Of Grum Interview]

You had a tremendous push for the vinyl version the album. Are you a vinyl enthusiast yourself?

When I started out doing this, vinyl was the only way to get hold the music I loved, and I had a nice little collection. I’ve still got lots love for the format – the sound quality and having the physical artwork like that is unique. However, not having to carry big heavy boxes vinyl around is a real bonus to DJing nowadays too.

The whole album is a solid mixture sound. “Altered State” is one my favorites because the throwback feeling. Do you have a favorite track?

Thanks, Altered State was a fun one to put together as I rarely do acid tracks – was really trying to channel that 90s Goa sound.

Lose Control and The Ascent are probably my favorites at the moment – they really started f being designed for playing in my sets, and I think they really capture the feeling the whole album.

“Deep State Radio” is a radio show that you recently started. What made you want to dive into the radio show scene?

It’s something I had wanted to do for a long time, and when the opportunity came up to it with Insomniac Radio in the US, it felt like the right time to go for it. It lets me play different music I like that wouldn’t always necessarily make it into my sets, and also I think helps give a nice avenue for connection with my listeners, as I tend to be quite focused when I’m playing live shows.

Do you feel you have more freedom with your music selection with your radio show than perhaps a mix for Anjunabeats Worldwide or Group Therapy for example?

Definitely. I used to really admire a radio 1 DJ called John Peel. He would play all sorts different unrelated genres on his show, from punk to happy hardcore, pretty much just anything he liked. Variety is good and although my show is mainly based around my genre, if I can even just explore a fraction what he did and expose that to the listeners, then I’ll be happy.

Finally, the tour to go along with the album is underway. Besides the essentials, what is the one thing you always pack while touring?

Easy: noise-canceling headphones. Lifesavers!

Diving Into The "Deep State" Of Grum Interview]

I’d like to thank Grum for taking the time to answer my questions during this busy time the year. Don’t forget to check out “Deep State”, which is available now!

Words by Louis Blanc
Music Editor