Tune in and turn up
Addictedtoedm / Byron Muir

Marketing is everything when you’re famous, and DJ Khaled is one we’ve seen among the heavy hitters. According to the New York Times, “bundles” help artists boost their rankings on Billboard’s charts.

Whether it is a package deal, access to merchandise, or concert tickets, you can bet that’ll help you up the ladder of music’s most wanted list. Travis Scott earned his rank with his Astroworld bundle and honestly, could we say this is a legit way to rank?

Two weeks ago, DJ Khaled and Tyler The Creator came at us with Father of Asahd and Igor. With clothing, “Vote Igor” lawn signs or energy drinks offered on, who’s to say which is the legit winner?

The results came in and Billboard ultimately decided that DJ Khaled will not be making it. His retail on the website cross a line by encouraging unauthorized bulk sales. In addition, evidence of embezzlement came with a push to buy 12 packages and to “push DJ Khaled and Market America (the parent company) to the top”.

Billboard-Hollywood Reporter Media Group president, Deanna Brown, stated:

In this particular instance, we saw an organization encouraging purchases among their members by promising them material and organizational benefits.

Turn Up and Awake energy drinks are still for sale, along with an insightful message to all entertainment moguls. Basically, they need this energy drink to stay focused all day. “Stay woke with Awake.”

In a series of industry meetings, there may be some changes coming to how Billboard tabulates their charts now. Khaled has not earned enough hats to be #1 now, but he may be in this for the endgame. Frustrated on social media, he is threatening to sue Billboard over their unfair decision of ranking him at #3. Firm but fair or cruel and unusual? You decide! The fate of our music rests in our choices.

Words by Byron Muir
Music Editor