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One essentially the most iconic voices our time is trying to faucet into the longer term bass market. Of course, we’re speaking about T-Pain.

In a latest tweet, the hip hop star calls on the digital music group, “Man. I want some future bass on this new album. Who do I have to holler at?” Naturally, almost each future bass producer underneath the solar — even those that simply dabble — are hollering again at T-Pain for a possible collab.

While some are elevating their palms, different Twitter customers are nominating the producers they really feel can be a greatest match for a monitor (or probably extra) with T-Pain – personally, we nominate Lido. Shaun Frank, TroyBoi, Moksi, Quix, SMLE and extra are all thrown into the combination.

“Let me Buy U a drank and we are able to speak about it,” Whethan says for the win.

T-Pain is recognized for his distinct autotune sound, though he sounds nice with out it. He’s certainly a expertise that may take his manufacturing any which approach and adapt accordingly — subsequent cease, future bass. We can’t wait to listen to the place this goes.

Man. I want some future bass on this new album. Who do I have to holler at?

— T-Pain (@TPAIN) November 13, 2018

Let me Buy U a drank and we are able to speak about it

— Whethan (@whethanmusic) November 14, 2018


— Hunter Siegel ;( (@HunterSiegel) November 14, 2018

Yeah I could make something for the best $

— SHAUN FRANKenstine (@Shaun_Frank) November 14, 2018

Sup ! I’ll even make u some Moombahton let’s go

— ETC!ETC! (@IAMETC) November 13, 2018

I bought that future sound for u…..holla ✌🏽

— TroyBoi (@TroyBoiMusic) November 14, 2018

you already know 🔥🔥🔥

— 𝚙𝚛𝚒𝚗𝚌𝚎 𝚏𝚘𝚡 (@princefox) November 13, 2018


— giraffage (@giraffage) November 14, 2018

prospects are countless

— Cash Cash (@cashcash) November 13, 2018


— Moksi (@wearemoksi) November 14, 2018

Hit my line 📱

— JayKode (@JayKode) November 13, 2018


— SAYMYNAME (@CHEFSAYMYNAME) November 14, 2018

Let @smlemusic produce the entire file

— Lookas 🃏 (@Lookas) November 13, 2018


— smle ˚͜˚ (@smlemusic) November 13, 2018


— VINDATA (@vindata) November 14, 2018

My man, you gotta peep @Lido

— matt… he’s okay (@themattmeadow) November 14, 2018

bought u

— BENZI (@benzi) November 14, 2018

All these individuals are INCREDIBLE at future bass and the encompassing sub genres. Definitely hit them up. Leotrix, Nitti, and Audien have administration, so e mail them.

— omar ☠️🎃 (@MooreKismetBass) November 14, 2018

More than 10Okay redditors over on r/futurebass might most likely make it easier to out…

— (@reddit) November 13, 2018

what’s life

— San Holo album1 out now] (@sanholobeats) November 13, 2018


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Words by Alba Smith
Music Editor